Frances Ward

  • Counselling children, adolescents, parents, families

  • Eating disorder specialist


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Frances Ward

Frances, who holds a Master’s in Counselling from Monash University,
brings over 23 years of education experience, specialising as a Personal
Development, Health, and Physical Education (PDHPE) Teacher.
Additionally, she has served as a Year Coordinator, overseeing students’
progress and well-being. Throughout her extensive teaching career,
Frances has adeptly managed diverse age (6-18 years) and cultural
groups, focusing on crucial topics such as friendship dynamics,
bullying, online issues (including gaming and social media), eating
disorders, body image, and self-esteem. She finds deep fulfillment in
empowering young individuals with the necessary tools to navigate
challenges and cultivate self-assurance.

Understanding the multifaceted needs of clients, Frances extends her
expertise to address mental, emotional and social development. She helps
young people live more fulfilling lives by addressing problematic
issues, assisting them with challenges, and promoting a positive life.
Frances aims to help clients attain self-awareness and adjust
emotionally, socially, and psychologically and to help guide them
through difficult situations both in and outside school.

Frances conducts individual and group work tailored specifically for
young people, providing a supportive environment for personal growth and
development. She also works closely with parents to facilitate this
process, recognising the importance of a collaborative approach in
supporting young people. Frances aims to empower clients to develop
skills and tools necessary to thrive in a challenging world.

Frances also has a strong interest and commitment in supporting clients
(of all ages) experiencing eating disorders at all stages. Frances
brings expertise honed through additional training from The Australian
Centre for Eating Behaviour (ACFEB) and through work as an Eating
Disorder Recovery Coach.

In her practice, she employs various therapeutic modalities including
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Family-Based Therapy (FBT), and
Solution-Based Therapy (SBT). Frances’ approach emphasises building
collaborative relationships with clients, offering effective tools,
strategies, and unwavering support. Frances is dedicated to walking
alongside clients every step of the way, fostering belief in achievable
goals and equipping clients with the tools to live enriching and
purposeful lives.