Boon Kheng Seng, PhD, RSW

Therapist /Counsellor

Certified in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, and Reality Therapy
Counselling for individuals, couples, and families in English
Counselling for trauma, relationships, stress and anxiety, bereavement, life events, and addiction
Life coaching


Thursday 9am – 4pm 

Boon Kheng Seng, PhD, RSW

Dr Seng is a registered Social Worker and a trained therapist in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Reality Therapy and Hypnotherapy. She had decades of work experience in medical social work especially in the area of mental health.

She will be working with individuals, couples and families. For individuals, she focuses on trauma and mental health issues: depression, stress and anxiety, addiction, relationship issues and bereavement. For personal issues, she focuses on self-esteem, self enhancement and self-fulfillment. For couples, she offers marriage preparation and handling of marital conflict. She also offers work on family relationships.

One of her special interests is in life coaching for individuals at crossroads in life.